The Fall River Women’s Union is the oldest continuous, charitable organization in Fall River.
A legacy we are very proud of continuing.
Here is our story:

On October 30, 1873, a group of civic minded women met to form the Fall River Women’s Union. Their goal: to consider ideas that would benefit working women in the area. Our mission continues through the funding of educational grants to organizations which aid women and children in the greater Fall River area.

Throughout the 1800s, literary assistance, technical skills, training, and recreational activities were offered to young working girls. Access to educational material and various social programs at worksites assisted women and children in their struggle against a biased school system and industrial authorities.

In 1909, the women raised money to build their own building on Rock Street. Here they offered education classes, cultural programs, residential rooms for working women, a restaurant and gift shop. Personal networks and positive experiences shared at the Women’s Union provided a sense of solidarity and empowerment among working girls and Board members.

The Fall River Women’s Union has sustained its position as a social service organization for over a century, remaining true to its goal of helping better the lives of women and children.